Love tarot january

A beautiful, smooth week, esp. Includes ventures, relationships, significant purchases. Clothing is significant. Your investment, research and sexual interests are touched by a wee magic wand of fortune for the two weeks ahead. Invest optimistically, cheerfully, not impulsively. Avoid extramarital temptations.

Be restful. Your energy and charisma surge upward late afternoon through Tues. Pursue money, collect and pay bills, seek bargains, memorize something, and chase someone sexy Wed. Almost everything works here, even very fortunately, but take care Thurs. Wednesday, a dream could come true about a relationship or former opportunity.

Old flames, by the way, are around. Retreat from the fray Fri. Be cautious Sat. Take care of your health. In only 12 days, the work yoke will lift from your shoulders. This is an easy, productive week, so march forth without worries. Your romantic antennae still quiver with desire, until Nov. Partnerships, relocation ideas, public dealings, negotiations — all blessed until Nov. An exciting meeting with someone from the past is not unlikely. Sunday pre-dawn holds a possible break-through in the zones just mentioned — partnership, relocation, etc.

The rest of the day is hopeful, happy, but yields little.

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

This pm, withdraw into quietude and contemplation. Ponder how you got here and where you go from here. Your energy soars upward Wed. Your work efforts dovetail luckily with your career Wed. Chase money Fri.

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Remember, start no new relationships, projects, nor make significant purchases before Nov. To almost the same time Nov.

The Wheel of Fortune

Yet, oddly some of you are contemplating quitting. Use this week and next to add security to your career position — e. Pre-dawn Sunday favours your career and work — a promotion might be hovering around you. Late day, your optimism bubbles up, friends call or welcome you, and you start to feel flirty. This continues through Mon. Love is in the air — and a wish might come true.

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But withdraw into quietude Wed. Chance of a work or domestic or career break-through late Thurs. Your energy and charisma soar after dawn Fri. Be a leader, get things done — even fall in love — Friday to Sat. Remember, Leo, start no new ventures, relationships, nor significant purchases before Nov. This is an easy, productive week. Hardly a cloud in the sky. But be aware that your talk and texts, etc. Later day yields little, but this eve through Tues. Charge ahead! Wednesday to dawn Fri.


Retreat Fri. Delegate tasks, let someone else work.

Remember, Virgo, stick with ongoing or past ventures, relationships. Start nothing new includes purchases before Nov. Money continues to flow your way in surprising amounts — but so do expenses, prices. Be conservative. Your home is affectionate, landscapes are beautiful. And close to your last time for another decade plus.

Sagittarius 15-31 of January 2019 "A Real Soulmate" Love Tarot

A good, fortunate week. Late Sun. Your ambitions, career, worldly standing and reputation — all are emphasized Wed. Again, a smooth luck favours you. Work with others, seek co-operation and be co-operative Wed. Optimism, popularity, social delights, flirtations and entertainment arrive Fri. Both days are happy, affectionate — but Sat. Decide: do you want to treat someone who attracts you lightly, or with deep serious intent? Tuesday, 12 November Home Business. It had originally planned for the model to resume flying in December.

Trending News. Sub-committee meets before Pak Cabinet's decision on Nawaz Sharif's travel abroad.

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Former President Jimmy Carter enters hospital for surgery. Police, protesters face off in renewed clashes in Hong Kong. China aims to build its own Yellowstone on Tibetan plateau. Trump says Baghdadi successor in US crosshairs. Someone else in your life? A friend or colleague? Is this a departed loved one?

A family member? A spirit guide?