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Theoretically, people with Metal or Water as characteristic elements will be favored this year. The Years of the Rat are: , , , , , , , , , , The Rat sign marks the beginning of the Chinese zodiac and it is associated with an aggressive attitude and entrepreneurial spirit. In Chinese philosophy, it is linked to material success, wellness, and luxury life. The aggression, charm, strenuous work, discipline, and passion give the people born under this sign an ascendant upon others.

There are great chances for the Rat natives to obtain professional recognition or to make a fortune. They are intelligent, energetic, and they can adapt to any situation, solving each problem with ease. Unlike other zodiac signs, the Rats have only a few friends, but they establish a special connection.

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When it comes to competition, no one has greater manipulative skills. The Rat natives prove their diplomacy and they go to great lengths to win a battle.

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The honor and lack of resentment are two things others can learn from the Rat. Heavy karma can cause inner conflicts. They will get involved in different speculations or adventures out of their desire to live dangerously. The spiritual message that should lead the Rats is to maintain their self-control and to try to get along with those around them. Their characteristic dynamism can be useful in many professions. They can be successful in literature or art, but they can also be detectives, accountants, engineers or pathologists.

Law or politics are also two domains within their reach. In their year, the Rat natives need to make plans for the future, they must be perseverant, watchful and, above all, they must enjoy everything surrounding them. If, however, the Rats feel caught, bored or unable to progress, they need to follow their ideas, especially if they want to evolve — action will be the keyword during this year for all the Rats — there is no time for laziness or waiting for wonders to happen. Also, they will recall the passions and hobbies they left behind, and they will look upon them with different eyes because, in , they will prove to be extremely useful.

Altogether, this year is going to be pleasant and prosperous for the Rats who follow their dreams. May and August will be especially favorable for new friendships or alliances. Throughout , they will continue to focus on their work, with excellent promotion perspectives, and the chance to obtain better positions or new acquaintances.

It is important for the Ox natives to find time for fun and social events so that they can also relax and enjoy life.

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The year will be lucky for the Ox natives, with possible financial gains or unexpected gifts throughout the year. Also, their friends will play an important role during this year, offering them support, friendship, and entertainment.

For the Ox, who is not the embodiment of the most social animal from the Zodiac, it is essential not to neglect their existent circle of friends. Their kind opinions and disinterested advice will be less sought in The final months of can bring frustrations for the Tiger natives if they get involved in too many projects or ideas. It is important to step carefully during the Rat year if they want to set the basis of a good year.

The Tiger natives are extremely creative, they have a lot of imagination, and this year, they can fully use their talent. The Tigers who are dissatisfied in their careers will have a hard time changing it in However, some unexpected and especially lucky occasions will occur throughout the year, but if you are not careful enough, they will disappear in a second! The Tigers need to keep their impulsive nature under control in and, if they can do it, this year will prove to be extremely pleasant, lucky, and satisfying.

During the last months of , the Rabbits had to be very careful with their finances, trying to avoid any potential issues in the future.

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This year, the single Rabbits may find their soul mates. Also, they should try to avoid gossips and rumors that will start to flow abundantly towards the middle of the year, affecting their reputation. The house and the heart are essential this year, offering the comfortable retreat they will need in a year full of events.

Traveling is a well-positioned domain, but it comes with a warning — check all the traveling papers and work out all the details. Continuous planning is the keyword during the Rat year!

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As a careerist, the Dragon natives who look for a new job will receive an interesting proposal that will make them feel appreciated and confident. At home, for the Dragons who love their home, this year is going to be special. The time spent with their families will recharge them with energy, offering intense relaxation.

Their attention to budget and their wise investments will make the Rat year extremely satisfying and happy. From March to May it is a favorable period for career changes and promotions. You prefer the quiet background rather than being on the front lines. Solitude is most suited to your character and you like to give advice or sympathy. You can be sentimental when it comes to emotions, and you can be too sensitive for yout own good.

Your surroundings can easily affect your emotions. You are highly emotional and act from emotions.

You can be easily influenced by others and are not very practical when it comes to money. In love, you allow youtself to indulge in a relationship completely as you have an idealistic belief in mutual devotion. However, your relationship can be disappointing if it lacks this element. Piscean Monkey Cheetah - b. Compassionate and kind, you put others needs before your own. These qualities combined with the highly intelligent and strategic traits of the Monkey, can bring tremendous benefits to the world at large.

However, you need to be careful of not getting carried away with idealism and sentimentality which can lapse into melancholy. You have a keen interest in esoterism, religion and the paranormal. In these areas, you will be able to distinguish yourself. Where matters of the heart are concerned, in order for your relationships to be successful, a strong friendship with your partner must be present.

The Rooster is very explicit; what you see is what you get but the Pisces in him makes him more public relations oriented and appeasing in nature. You are conservative and law abiding; and you usually have a balanced life of work and rest. You are a mysterious personality and it is difficult for others to get to know you, because you alternatively present two totally different facets.

People only see either the swaggering and aggressive side of the Rooster in you, or only the dreamy and idealistic side of the Pisces.

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In love, you are sensitive, responsible and reliable to your partner. Your family is your reason for living and you will put it above everything. Piscean Dog Tarsier - b. Being less vigilant results in the Dog being less argumentative and aggressive. The serene and calming Fish also influences the Dog to place more emphasis on security and comfort, contrary to the Dog?? You are intuitive, hypersensitive, romantic, lethargic and dreamy.

You are always on the lookout for what cannot be grasped and you love changes and escapism. You use your penetrating intuition to solve your problems. You place great importance on romantic love. You are affectionate and will lavish attention profusely upon your loved ones. Reflective of being in the water all the time, Pisces naturally brings with it flair in possessing survival instincts, and an ability in observing and understanding others whilst the Pig remains optimistic and dynamic. As a natural Pig, you avoid confrontations and any relationships that you have is very much cherished.

Support from exterior sources comes easy for you, although you have to be wary of those whose aim is solely to take advantage of you. You are generous and do not mind showering your loved ones and family with much fondness and whatever you are able to afford. Romantic love takes on great importance in your life.

You lavish profusely on your loved ones. Posted by beautifuldiaster What a cool ass thread. Would you so kind to post one for a Sagittarius dragon 88? I'm on my phone and cannot look it up.