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You have a potential to heal deeply if you get very clear about what you hunger for and then express it frankly. LIBRA Sept 23—Oct 22 : Only one of Nana Mouskouri's vocal cords works, but over the course of an almost year career, the Libran singer has sold more than 30 million records in 12 different languages. Many critics speculate that her apparent disadvantage is key to her unique style.

She's a coloratura mezzo, a rare category of chanteuse who sings ornate passages with exceptional agility and purity. In the coming weeks, I suspect that you will be like Mouskouri in your ability to capitalize on a seeming lack or deprivation. Some astrologers say that the scorpion is the ruling creature of "unevolved" or immature Scorpios, whereas the eagle and phoenix are associated with those of your tribe who express the riper, more enlightened qualities of your sign.

But I want to put in a plug for the scorpion as being worthy of all Scorpios. It is a hardy critter that rivals the cockroach in its ability to survive—and even thrive—in less than ideal conditions.

Rob Brezsny

For the next two weeks, I propose we make it your mentor creature. Maybe the best we can hope for is to feel what's sublime and cherish what's beautiful for 30 to 35 days every year. Having said that, though, I'm happy to tell you that in you could get all the way up to 95 to days of feeling what's sublime and cherishing what's beautiful.

And as many as 15 to 17 of those days could come during the next By sampling a few sips, the best sommeliers can discern facts about the type of grapes that were used to make the wine and where on earth they were grown. I think that in the coming weeks, you Capricorns should launch an effort to reach a comparable level of sensitivity and perceptivity about any subject you care about.

It's a favorable time to become even more masterful about your specialties, to dive deeper into the areas of knowledge that captivate your imagination. New words constantly insinuate themselves into common usage, while others fade away. If you traveled back in time to while remaining in your current location, you'd have trouble communicating with people of that era.

And today, linguistic evolution is even more rapid than in previous ages.

Free will astrology for the week of January 24

The Oxford English Dictionary adds more than a thousand new words annually. In recognition of the extra verbal skill and inventiveness you now posses, Aquarius, I invite you to coin your own fresh terms. To get you warmed up, try this utterance I coined: Verizzimo!

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Moreover, Brezsny's cyber haunt will give readers an opportunity to step inside his vision which seems to be one of positivity and proactive efforts to help restore mankind, and the world, to a more harmonious state. In short, Rob Brezsny represents another generation of spiritual gurus who uphold the idea that human beings exercise free will over their lives, but with that free will comes great societal and ecological responsibility. Many people have become frustrated with the inflexible tenets of certain faiths and practices that seem to mitigate human responsibility over the world's changing conditions.

It's in this context that many individuals feel enlivened by Brezsny's message of free will and human responsibility as a response to the tragedies that occur the world over. It's no surprise that several human beings feel a need to maintain a positive outlook, and further, that this positivity not only makes a huge difference, but it helps the world to become a better place. Brezsny's astrology vision, on that is imbued with an individual's free will, is well represented by his most recent published work entitled Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia , a title that is meant to counteract the effects of Pronoia's antagonist, paranoia.

Pronoia emphasizes the connection that human beings have with the entire planet and its ecology, as well as the universe. An apparent setback will ultimately increase your value.

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