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They do not really know how to unwind and are usually at their best when their lives are full of activities for them to do. Capricorns are considerate and independent. They may not possess the grand charisma that some of the other signs do but they are kind, diplomatic, and caring individuals.

They are easily able to empathise with others due to their own difficult emotions. Romantically, Capricorns can be just as enamoured and affected as the rest of them, though they are usually unable to express those feelings outwardly. They will take the time to get to know someone thoroughly before committing to them, preferring to take into consideration long-term goals and values. However, once they are committed they tend to remain so, as they feel they can work through any difficulty if they give it their all.

You like to keep your thoughts and secrets to yourself and may quietly dwell on perceived hurts and betrayals. You are naturally distrustful of others intentions and therefore do not expose your true emotions until someone has been thoroughly vetted, if even then. Emotional intimacy in personal relationships is difficult for you as you prefer keeping your feelings under lock and key; vulnerability feels somehow unsafe to you.

All of your actions are expressed in an intense fashion, you care intensely and loathe intensely. You are passionate to the core; nothing is done halfway. This passion can express itself as a tendency to dominate your significant others or treat them as though they were objects that only you hold rights to; be mindful of the green-eyed monster. It is possible that your maternal parental figure was also dominating towards you. You find it difficult to let go of any past hurts or disloyalty and may harbour feelings of spite, bitterness, or remorse. Often these strong inner demons are kept secret.

It is imperative that you vent these frustrations somehow and find a way to move beyond previous occurrences; forgiving others will be far healthier for you. You will achieve a great deal if you can only learn self-control and restraint. You are driven, enthusiastic, self-sufficient, assertive, passionate, dedicated, and willing to wait as long as it takes to accomplish your goals. You also possess a great deal of personal magnetism. Sexuality or death may be on-going themes in your psyche. You are able to see possibilities in a fantastic way; grand schemes for the future, fuelled by enthusiasm for idealistic endeavours.

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Always looking forward, you are more concerned with possibilities than the tried and true; abstract ideas are your forte. You seek knowledge and are particularly fascinated with spirituality and political or religious topics. It may be challenging for you to complete your projects as you can be impractical and dislike attending to the mundane matters that are a necessary part of all developments; your focus tends to dwindle once you lose interest.

Mentally you require a lot of independence to go your own way, though you often think along conventional paths. You are likely to take risks and gamble at opportunities. Be mindful of speaking too quickly without thinking things through first, as this can cause you, and those you care for, undue stress.

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Developing a more diplomatic way of expressing yourself can be very beneficial to you as you can be tactless at times. You are likely to excel in business or any field where you are promoting due to your natural ability to influence others. You are sharp, spontaneous, and adaptable. It is likely that you will be involved in more than one assignment, job, or school course at one time. Standing still is not for you as you would much rather travel the world and experience as much as you can, learning and improving yourself continuously. In a romantic partner, you are most interested by someone who can increase your personal development in some way, especially your perception or awareness.

You prefer your love interest to be out-going, adventurous, full-of-life, and open-minded as you would like to experience all that life has to offer with them, especially if these adventures involve travel. You enjoy immersing yourself in new cultural experiences that can broaden your horizons. It is imperative that you are able to relate to your significant other on a mental or spiritual level and you like to convey your goals, wishes, and values to them.

However, romanticism is not your style and your partner may find you a bit too laid-back or informal, which can instil doubt of your intentions towards them. Nevertheless, you are still apt to be idealistic about romantic feelings. There is a tendency towards feeling that the grass is always greener somewhere else and this may keep you from staying with a partner for the long haul; it will be helpful for your partner to keep up the excitement that is felt in the early stages of a relationship or to be able to help you expand your mind, as these will hold your interest.

You are compassionate, caring, giving, and a positive thinker with an inclination towards religion which you choose to convey through humanitarian or philanthropic efforts, together with your loved one. There is a well-developed sense of pride. You have a desire to achieve and be admired for these achievements, or for the person that you are.

You like to be the winner, the one at the top.

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You dislike anyone telling you what you should be doing or to remain behind the scenes. You want to be seen and will often create drama in order to make sure that happens. You may arrogantly declare you are correct in every situation, as you dislike being wrong. You are driven, diligent, aggressive, dynamic, inventive, and full of energy; competition is highly appealing to you.

Life may seem like one big game to be won. Though you are extremely self-assured, there is a chance that you may feel insecure and self-protective, possibly acting abrasive, if your confidence is challenged. You are spontaneous, eager, motivated, and energetic. Once you have decided on the object of your desire, you will stop at nothing to win them over; displaying great passion and enthusiasm.

When you have something you wish to express, you do so, no holds barred. However, be careful not to act foolishly and carelessly where money is involved; gambling can become an issue for you. You can also become touchy, confrontational, and possessive.

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Keep an eye on your heart, as this area of your body is particularly sensitive. Be sure to get plenty of exercise as this will release some of the excess emotional energy before it manifest in an unhealthy way. You are a diligent, effective worker and possess good executive abilities.

You are capable and will pull out all of the necessary stops to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself. Brave with immense internal fortitude, though you tend to keep your secrets to yourself. People are irresistibly pulled towards you. Assertive, passionate, and independent would describe your character. Mentally, you can be very energised and productive.

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However, there is a tendency towards over-indulging in sensual pleasures, including extravagant cuisine, and this may create many problems and health challenges for you. You are likely fascinated by the mystical realm. A skill in healing others may develop. Channel your drive towards enlightenment and benefiting mankind as a whole, possibly through philosophical means. This placement bestows a generous disposition with humanitarian efforts guided by dedicated, methodical actions, counsel, justice, and spirituality. All endeavours will be marked with honour and integrity.

You are determined and self-sufficient, with great intuition and an inclination towards theoretical subjects, especially philosophy. Your achievements will mature as you do.

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You are a giving and dutiful person with talent in organisation as well as technical and systematic aptitude. Growth can be accomplished through self-reflection and meditative practices. Unfortunately, you may also have a tendency towards disbelieving, sarcastic, doubtful, selfish, narrow-minded, and disingenuous behaviour. Be mindful of your circulatory system, particularly in the lower half of your body; keep yourself active and make sure there is good air circulation in your bedchamber.

The Houses in astrology are the stage. In the home, in health, in the career or in the marriage, to name a few. The Houses tell the story of where the action is happening, what type of people are involved and what sort of environment it is. It is likely that your aspirations are quite high, though you either prefer for these aims to somehow be of use in a group setting or you swing to the other end and are unconcerned with what a group would desire, instead looking out for only your own wishes.

It is easy for you to acquire friends in high stations. You tend to be dutiful, open-minded, and a bit of a philanthropist, preferring to achieve social acceptance than power.

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You have an affinity for working with groups and often take the position as leader for group events as you are an excellent coordinator. You find security in your philosophies and beliefs. You tend to daydream about a life different from your own; the grass is always greener. Often thinking on the deeper meaning in life, you strive to find new ventures which propel you to go on prolonged adventures, whether these travels are mental or physical.

Interested in a variety of topics and subjects, you would make an excellent educator as you can muster up heart-felt enthusiasm for the matter being discussed. It is possible that you have prophetic dreams. You are likely to be interested in a career that involves higher education, religious or philosophical studies, travelling, foreign affairs, moral values, or law.

You may need to relocate to an area far from your birth place in order to succeed in your endeavours.

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Written or spoken communication may be part of your career path as you have an excellent talent for articulating your thoughts, and others are likely to take notice of it. You are very mentally active and physically agile, often being thrown into situations where you must make use of these skills. There is a tendency to be a Jack-of-all-trades and it would be difficult for you to choose only one type of career.