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Whatever we eat, the planet gets strength according to it.

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So, why not consume food which makes your planet strong? Food Astrology is about knowing the food habits of an individual according to the different zodiac signs. With the help of Food astrology or Vedic astrology, one can know how and which dishes one should prepare to please stars or change planetary movements or which ingredients are highly influencing your luck. Food Astrology can guide you to take a right and authentic food by which you can change your destiny.

Astrology explains that your food habits are linked to the planets in our horoscope. Also, the effect of eating all these three types of food is mentioned in spiritual sculptures.

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The food at a subtle level is made up of the satva, raja and tama components. Vegetarian food has more satvik qualities than Non-vegetarian food, while Non-vegetarian food has more Tamsik qualities as compared to Vegetarian food. Vegetarian food has a higher satva component and so assists the spiritual journey of an individual while Non-vegetarian food is Tama predominant and thus has a tendency to obstruct the spiritual practice of an individual.

Choosing veg food or non-veg food reveals the weak planet in your birth chart. Get your astrology health and diet tips. Sharma hailed from Indore, the hometown of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.

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The contestant replacing Sharma was Ashwini Bhosle from Maharashtra but she too failed to progress beyond Rs 1,60, as she decided to quit the game after having used all her lifelines. Facing pretty much the same predicament was another contestant, year-old Anil Joshi from Nagpur in Maharashtra. He too squandered all his lifelines before reaching Rs 3,20, but was lucky to have won an amount of Rs 6.

While in conversation with Sharma, Bachchan opened up about his college days and revealed that he had failed his degree course exams and could only become a graduate after sitting for the compartmental exams in the second attempt. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Janta Ka Reporter 2. Zee-owned DNA newspaper shuts down amidst financial crisis plaguing media group. US imposes visa restrictions on China over treatment to Muslims in….

Prashanth loved kids, a lot! You are on the right track and keep going on with this positivity. This month, the money will flow with a little obstruction. The month will have some finance-related issues but it will be a promising month as compared to the previous month.


Plan to have a perfect balance in your income and expense, says your monthly finance horoscope. Expenses can be a little high but you are very stable to handle this situation beforehand. The last week of the month wants you to be thoughtful as you want to save money, this can be done with careful planning and you will be able to save a good amount of money too. The first week of the month will get you the support of your partner. You will have mutual respect and cooperation with your partner to enjoy the romantic pleasure.

These things will be perfect for a dinner date or surprise holiday, on the romantic front. You are giving some significant efforts with your partner on the love aspect of your life. The ones who are planning to take their relationship to the next level will get the approval of their elders. Singles, the end of this month is really supportive and fortunate for the proposal you have been planning for long, predicts your monthly romance horoscope. It is a good month to conceive, so if you are planning to extend your family you can go for it.

This month, you will enjoy excellent work and life. You are concerned about your health and fitness and this month says that you are going to initiate some steps regarding this thing. Go and try out some recreational activities as it will keep you fresh and physically active.

Gowda Family's Belief in Astrology, Planetary Positions Eclipses Governance in Karnataka

Take care of both your mental and physical well being. Even a few minutes of meditation before sleep would serve you very well, says your monthly horoscope. This would be an effective month for you. In education, you will finish tasks very smoothly and effectively. You will be endowed with limitless vigour and energy, possess strong willpower and will be incredibly ambitious. Your dynamism, courage, intellect, and timely actions, you will make quick progress in education.

You are finally getting the support of the higher authorities as they are finally appreciating your work. Those who are working in creative fields; your creativity will get you on the higher front. You may find that you get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a job that is very appealing to you.

Day 1: Maha shooters take centre stage

It may be quite far from your current locality, so you may need to relocate for this position. Your business prospects seem to be much higher than you have been expecting in the coming few months. Your instability and difficult phase of the professional journey has now come to an end. Enjoy a very good flow of income throughout this month. If you have been trying to sell a property for a long time, you will likely see movement on that front this month and you will definitely get this financial dealing. The first week of the month may indicate a loss of income for some or there will be a disturbance with the source of income.

Your expenses are under your control because you always have a point to take good care of your hard-earned money, predicts your monthly financial horoscope. Continue to work hard, as these things do take time. Your investments in this month can help you in earning good money with which you can pay off your debts and past dues. The last week of the month seems to be really lucrative for you and this time is good for the investments.


So, go ahead and grab the best deal. You will be able to save a good amount of money too. The first week of the month will be very good on the romantic front. Love is all we need, always remember this thing. The month of heavy rains will take away your relationship if you are not vigilant.

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If you are having arguments with your partner from a long time, get over it, you need to give some significant efforts with your partner on the love aspect of your life else there are chances of a breakup. The more you try to ignore the arguments, the more you will get the chances to get your relationship on the right track. You will be able to see a good time in your love life as soon as you start making the needed changes. Singles; wait for the right time, as the first half of the month is not a good time to start with a relationship. For some of you, cheating is also indicated.

This month is all goody in terms of health. You will enjoy the excellent work and life.

Can Astrology Solve All Our Problems

There is a lot more than just exercise that you need to do and this month brings the perfect time for that. The more energy comes when you become an all-rounder and take care of both your mental and physical selves. Rejoice as you will recover from your old health issues. You may find that sometimes in the month your sleep is disturbed due to an inability to release daytime stress before going to bed. Try not watching loud TV before sleeping, or try reading a book. This month you could see an improvement of confidence level in studies.

You may have positive energy during this period. You will enjoy pleasure with domestic bliss, fame, and prosperity. You wish to go to some unique places for starting higher studies. Leo Jul 23 - Aug 23 This month is excellent for work, and if you are a team leader, you will motivate your team members in a way that everyone will notice, says your monthly prediction. If you are a businessman, your decision related to your business will bring good results. If you have started new venture, it will be slow to start but will eventually be quite successful.

You can also get new chances of partnership and deals that you have been waiting for long. If there has been any allegation, you will get a clean chit coming and you will be able to see progress in your individuality as well. It is the time to celebrate the hard work you did to shine bright as a brand in the market. There has been a tough time for your financial life in the past and this is the time to get over such issues and enjoy the time that life brings in of the monetary satisfaction.