Aquarius best astrological match

Air signs are masters at navigating through the collective waters and therefore are astute commentators of the cultural trends, attitudes, and the consciousness of the times. When air is out of balance, you can encounter a talking head, someone cut off from his or her own physical self. Air signs are more vulnerable to the excesses of our mind-body split and could benefit from yoga and other somatic practices. In relationships, the distance of air to their emotions can be refreshing.

They're great conversationalists because they're the keepers of so much knowledge, gossip, trivia, and strange factoids. Talking with an inspired air sign can be like skipping through a kind of virtual reality full of detail, specificity, and local color. Those with planets in air signs use their minds to make sense of their lives.

With air, there's more space between the life lived and the observing mind. This can lead air signs to appear detached, aloof, remote, or cool. Sometimes they'll try to talk their way through feelings or analyze a situation instead of encountering its full emotional weight. The gift of air is flexibility and their ability to experience life through many prisms. They're often excellent communicators, storytellers, interpreters, and journalists.

Zodiac Love Compatibility: Which Signs to Date — and Which to Avoid

They link people together socially and often have a curiosity that keeps them out and about. An air may offer a different spin on how to prioritize things, which can be liberating for a duty-bound earth. An earth helps a remote air discover the mind-body connection. Earths can also advise airs so that some of their dreams can be made real. Airs help fires take a more logical path toward success, some direction for their leaps of faith. A fire gives an air a sense of mission or purpose and shines a light of focus through a jumble of collected data, thoughts, and information.

Waters show airs a path to feelings and can help them grow toward being more nurturing and emotionally expressive. A water helps an air make the heart connection. Aries goes head-first into every experience in a physical way, much as you do in the realm of ideas. This fiery person has an intense temper, and it will flare. The good news is, though, it will subside as quickly as it rose up. Sometimes, Aries will teach you, it pays to just go with your gut.

You might never think it, but this materialistic person with a reputation for being extra-stubborn can be rather pleasant for you to be with. The tie between the two of you comes from the dynamic you engage in as you approach life. When you start something, be it a project or an overture toward someone you want to go to bed with, you stick with it! You and Taurus will always respect this about one another, and will also stick with your determination to turn one another on -- over and over again.

Together, you could make a totally fantastic team.

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  • Finding Soul Mate Matches for Aquarius.

You and your fellow Air sign will hit it off right away, because there will be so many things for you to talk about. Here is someone who, like you, lives in the life of the mind. There will have to be a point where you get the talking to stop, and grabbing Gemini to administer one of your fantastic kisses will probably do the trick.

Signs Of Aquarius In Love

While in bed, the two of you will have to go out of your way to become more sensually attuned. Because Gemini has sensitive spots on the hands and arms, you may be able to make headway by starting there.

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  5. If you and Gemini hit it off well enough to continue your relationship beyond the fun of the first few times, you may have to address a few issues. The best part about being together, though, will be the fact that neither of you likes to be tied down, but you can still remain curious enough to keep coming back for more. Your karmic lesson will be that sharing the body can be even more fun than a meeting of the minds. Looking for more love insight? The first thing you might want to do, though, is make sure Cancer understands where you are in terms of the relationship at all times.

    You should also know that having sex is a very emotional thing to almost all Cancer people, and once connected with you this way, things can go a lot further than you might have planned.

    Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini Are the Air Elements

    You will have to admit that being together with this very sensuous individual is a fabulous experience, though. There may be a few storms in your relationship, to be sure, but think of the possibilities for fabulous make-up sex! Your karmic lesson from Cancer will be that getting together with someone who lives in a whole other world can be enlightening in ways you never would have imagined. Although you might never suspect it, dynamic, dashing Leo is just your type!

    This sparkling individual, with enough charm to light up several rooms at once, is exactly the kind of person you yearn for. Leo will take quite a shine to you, as your cool exterior serves as a way to draw the noble Lion into the challenge of making you scream in ecstasy. In terms of long-term harmony, you and equally independent Leo will enjoy discussing how you can work together to bring out the best in the people you know.

    Leo will teach you how to draw out excellence in others on an individual basis, while you show Leo how to organize and take action in your community. Even though you never might have suspected, life with Leo can be tremendously satisfying. Your karmic lesson from Leo is that you can think about yourself and shine with your own light, and use this as a way to lead them to new levels of excellence.

    Taurus April 20 – May 20

    Virgo will listen for hours to your ideas, and add some suggestions for how you can do things a little better. This will go on in bed as well as on the outside. Virgo, just like you, sees the greatness in what you say, and wants to help you get your message to as many people as possible! This alone will be enough to turn you on, and the lucky thing is your attention and respect will turn on dear, sweet Virgo! Because Virgo really does love to be of service, none of your needs will go unanswered.

    Instead, Virgo is likely to move on, and you will find that you have worn out your welcome -- and the possibility for all that nice sex. To keep this relationship going, simply treat Virgo with respect and honor the commitments you make. Your karmic lesson from Virgo is that there are other people who are willing to help you with your goals -- all you need to do is give them the respect and love they deserve. Discover your inner desires now. You and fair Libra will be instantly attracted to one another. Before you go off to save the world, though, you may want to spend some time enjoying some carnal pleasures.

    Libra certainly is well-schooled at this! This comes from the fact that both you and Libra need to have some kind of mental activity going on at all times.

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    6. As much as you might enjoy the physical ways you express your sexual attraction, you know how much you need to still have something to play with in the back of your mind! Libra will need to imagine the things you have said to each other and what will be said the next time you talk about your sexual encounter.

      This can be rather amusing, of course, and very flattering! Once you and Scorpio stop playing games, though, you will be done for.